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Ethereum, the trendy, multiusage alternative to Bitcoin, sitting at #2 in the cryptocurrency charts is becoming the focus of much media attention across the globe. Partly due to its unique smart contract funcitionality, coupled with it's flexible technolgies, could it reach the lofty heights and high prices that Bitcoin BTC has seen recently?

With backing and interest from both the banks, technology giants and former Government finance advisers - what's next for Ethereum, and is there still time for you to make a positive ROI on an investment into the Etheruem project?

Here at CryptoxBureau we are able to help you make your first Ethereum purchase and get into the currency while it's still at a low price.

Buy ethereum in the uk

How to buy Ethereum in the UK with an Ethereum crypto broker?

Here at CryptoxBureau we help individuals looking to invest in and buy Ethereum ETH for investment and cryptocurrency trading purposes. Whatever the quantity of ETH, our cryptocurrency brokers are here to help assist you with the entire Ethereum buying process from start to finish. From offering an initial quote, to helping you setup and use an Ethereum wallet, to receiving your coins the same day. We're here to help..

The rising price of Ethereum. A wise investment?

Ethereum coin is currently 2nd just to Bitcoin on the cryptocurrency market capitalization checklist. Now sitting pretty with a total market cap of £13 Billion, currently £8 Billion higher than the 3rd place, Ripple XRP.

Since its launch in 2015 the price has increased a huge amount, from the early years of just a few pounds - to now over £200+.

the rising price of ethereum

The price of Ethereum has risen sharply since it first went live on 30th July 2015 trading at just £2.15 to £214.99 in 1st July 2017 representing a 9899% rise in 2 years. Notably, Ether hit an all-time high of £305.44 in early June and is currently trading at around £129.

Ether’s rise in value over the 2 years is attributable to the Ethereum blockchain functionality featuring smart contracts, Dapps, and DAO among others that enable developers to build multiple applications on the underlying blockchain protocol. Specifically the growing number of Dapps on the Ethereum blockchain is expected to continue boosting Ether prices in the future as use grows.

It’s this solid growth and increase of both popularity, adoption and individual coin price which is leading many individuals in the UK to consider buying Ethereum for investment purposes.

How To Buy Ethereum in the UK

Finally ready to invest and wondering how to buy Ethereum in the UK? There are a number of ways to buy Ethereum:

Buying Ethereum via an Exchange Buying Ethereum with a Broker

+ Via one of the many exchange websites such as Poloniex.

+ An advantage to using one of these Ethereum exchange websites is that the pricing is often cheaper than other sources. However, the barrier to entry is far more difficult for new investors.

+ To purchase Ethereum on one of these exchanges you will first need to deposit Bitcoin BTC onto the exchange. There are very few websites like this which allow a straight GBP to ETH swap. Instead you will need to, as said, purchase Bitcoin BTC first.

+ Likewise, for larger orders, you will need to submit relevant proofs of ID before you are able to buy up anything from 1 BTC / day onwards. With some exchanges, this ID process can take weeks if not months.

+ With a cryptocurrency broker you can purchase any number of virtual currencies, including Ethereum and Ethereum Classic ETC - usually with a straight GBP to ETH exchange.

+ A cryptocurrency broker is knowledgeable and informed on a number of currencies.

+ Unlike exchanges, most virtual currency brokers have fast customer support and will answer any questions directly first hand before asking you to place an order.

+ Likewise, ID verification is usually instant or within 60 minutes via a broker, allowing you to begin buying currency the same day.


UK Ethereum Broker and Cryptocurrency Brokers

As Cryptocurrency brokers in the UK, the team here at CryptoxBureau can assist you with any Ethereum questions.

When you contact us via telephone, email or our website’s live chat, one of our dedicated and experienced Ethereum brokers will be happy to help answer your technical questions, alongside providing you a competitive, custom quote on your next purchase of Ethereum through us.

Paying for your Ethereum with GBP and UK bank transfer

The best, safest and most convenient way to buy Ethereum in the UK is via Faster Bank Transfer. This ensures your funds reach your broker almost instantly, enabling them to begin the cryptocurrency process immediately.

Where to store your Ethereum after purchasing?

Knowing where to store or hold your purchase of Ethereum after you’ve bought it is essential. As part of the buying process your virtual currency broker will ask for your address - the wallet address to which your ETH will be sent.

A cryptocurrency wallet is a safe electronic wallet, not unlike a physical wallet sitting in your pocket or bag. This digital wallet is used online to shop, send to others, as well as receive incoming currency Ethereum.

You can ‘store’ your Ethereum in a number of places:

- Online wallets
- Paper wallets
- Desktop or PC wallets
- Mobile wallets
- Hardware wallets

This article explaining the 5 different cryptocurrency wallets will help to shed more light on the differences between these.

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